Holidays Are Coming!

Time to relax, refresh and recharge. But why not enrich yourself as well?
Come check out our holiday activities!
  • Chinese Classics (San Zi Jing)
    • Chinese Classics, deeply rooted in Confucian values.
    • Impart moral values of piety, respect.
    • An appreciation of the Chinese culture.
  • Science Experiments Workshop
    • Fun hands-on experiments for 5-12 years old.
    • Highlights includes shell-less eggs, elephant toothpaste, dry ice experiments.
    • Experiments to bring home daily.
    • An intermediate workshop designed with more advanced science experiments.
    • Include home-made ice-cream, seeing sound, making home detergents etc.
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  • Chinese and English Creative Writing
    • Chinese and English creative writing students.
    • Develop plot, characters and flair in writing.
    • Helps students do well for their compositions.
    • Advanced Writing workshop for Secondary level write with power and conviction.
    • A life-skill that needed for their tertiary and working life needs.
  • Algebra
    • Algebra, just don't get it?
    • 5-day workshop and master ALL the concepts
    • From Sec 1-4 for your E maths syllabus !!!
  • Public Speaking
    • Hate presentations ? Have stage fright?
    • Master the art of speaking confidently !
    • Score for your presentations !
    • Impress your friends with your wit and confidence
  • Writing with Power
    • Master the art of writing convincingly.
    • Necessary life skill in higher education as well as in working life.
    • Be coherent, systematic and present one’s viewpoints in a refutable manner.