About Us

About Us

IQ&EQ Education Services is an established educational centre with 21 years of tutoring experience and proven track records. 85% of our students achieve Grade ‘A’ in GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations
We don’t charge extra costs!
No deposit. No registration fee. No materials fees.
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Our Tuition Services

We provide tuition services from K1-JC for all subjects
  • Chinese Classics - San Zi Jing
  • Algebra
  • Science Experiments Workshop
  • Public Speaking
  • Chinese and English Creative Writing
  • K1 Tuition
  • K2 Tuition
    • English Tuition
    • Maths Tuition
    • Science Tuition
    • Chinese Tuition
    • English Tuition
    • E Math Tuition
    • A Math Tuition
    • Chinese Math Tuition
    • Comb Science Tuition
    • Pure Physic Tuition
    • Pure Chemistry Tuition
    • Pure Biology Tuition
    • POA Tuition
    • History Tuition
    • Geography Tuition
    • Social Studies Tuition
  • H1 General Paper Tuition
  • H2 Physics Tuition
  • H1 Chinese Tuition
  • H2 Chemistry Tuition
  • H2 Math Tuition
  • H2 Economics Tuition

Our Tutors

  • 1
    Patient with Students
    Necessary to help weaker students
  • 2
    Take Ownership of Student’s Results
    FOC extra classes if no improvement shown
  • 3
    Creative in Presentation
    If one approach does not work, we use another
  • 4
    Have Proven Result
    80% 'A's for Physics, Chemistry, A Maths,
    Chinese and Combine Science

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Tuition is an investment in your child’s future. Make sure you get the right returns! Join us for a free trial and see the difference!
Tuition Should
  • Produce Results
    After 3-6 months, the result must show.
  • Stir Interest
    Student should become more interested in the subject
  • Create Confidence
    Student should no longer dread the subject but feels empowered to handle the more difficult questions
Tuition Should Not
  • Be About Rote-Learning
    Just doing more and memorizing more is meaningless.
  • Be a Matter of Convenience
    Just because it is near does not mean it is effective.
  • Be a Matter of Comfort
    Comfortable surroundings is just the hardware, what matters are the teachers, the software