I like this tuition centre & Teacher Liu Yan.

— Maverick (P6)

This tuition centre is fun. I like Mr Thomas, Mr David and Teacher Ning Xin. They helped me improve my studies.

— Lucian (P5)

I like this tuition centre 'cos it's fun.

— Danish (P2)

A retained student failing almost all subjects in Sec3 to getting first in level with 8 points

I really enjoyed my time at IQ and EQ. It has definitely helped my grades improve drastically! From a U Grade for both my POA and Science to an A1 and A2 for my N-levels! I was personally taught by mr kwan himself. His style may seem weird at first but when he explains, he goes really in depth with the explanation and tries to help us as much until we get the grasp of it.

— Max Yeo

Parent of Enyu (Sec 4 graduated) and Manting (Sec 2) who have been with IQ & EQ 8 years and 3 years respectively

IQ&EQ has a team of dedicated teaching & administrative staff who genuinely care for my children. They perpetually update us of my children's progress and seek feedback for improvement.It is a warm and nurturing environment that has been a perfect fit for my children. We are pleased to have found this education centre.

— Mr Chew

My daughter has been with IQEQ for 5 years and has thoroughly enjoyed the lessons with her tutors, providing her with much help in areas where she needed help in. As such, I do not need to worry about her studies. Thank you to IQEQ!

— Yi Jia Parent

IQ/EQ provides parents with much more flexibility than other tuition centers and are quite fair to us. Make-up sessions were allowed when we were unable to attend lessons due to unexpected situations.

— Pannathorn P

We first started with IQEQ in September 2016 with the attitude as to what can be worse than before. I still recall it was a trial lesson with Ms. Liu Yan for Sec 2 Chinese. She is good as she is focused with the ability to stimulate and bring out the “fire of passion” in my son. She is firm yet encouraging and motivating, bringing energy and hope to the students. After her lessons, my son decided to give Science lessons a shot. We recommend Mr. Louis, whom, in my son’s words, have brought enlightenments. Explanations provided during school curriculum became crystal clear to my son and he came home that night so motivated, energized and light hearted (hyperactive). Feeling charged up, my son proceeded with the trial lessons for English again, much to my surprise. He met Mr. Kwan and again, it was so positive and encouraging. The teachers have done it in 3 weeks comprising of about 4 lessons for each subject!! From a C5/C6 grade and school teachers telling me that my son may be retained to my son receiving the Edusave 2016 – Good Progress Award by the end of the year!! Thank you to all teachers for their passion and dedication as my boy now moves on with IQEQ on most subjects as he loves and enjoys the teachers’ commitments, patience and most importantly, their selfless extra mile to import their knowledge.

— Helen Sim

Hiya, congrats. I am glad that Dhaniyah has cleared the N levels and is now offered Sec 5N/DPP via a two-year higher Nitec programme. At this juncture, I suppose there is a little confusion as to which route to choose. So I thought I’d just provide my input on this matter. We have fared well this year with all our N levels students being offered DPP or DPA. Two of our students have fared well enough to go for DPA which is of course the most preferred route. For those offered the DPP route, it is important to note that it is going for another two year programme with ITE and subject to acceptable performance before proceeding to Poly. I think that that is a roundabout route as compared to Os which are just a year away. The entry requirements into Poly from the O levels are actually not high and so far almost all make it through. Of course, consistent work is still required, but that is a fact of life regardless of whether it is in the O levels, JC, Poly or university. As such, the O levels are definitely the preferred route unless the student has not fared well enough and has to resort to ITE to get to Poly. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call me for clarification. Thanks – Dave Kwan

— T Dhaniya P

Kids like tuition at IQ&EQ, teachers there are very nice and patient. IQ&EQ take our feedback seriously and always give their best to help them achieve good results and provide make-up classes whenever they missed the lesson. With IQ&EQ, I no longer have to worry about their studies because we all know IQ&EQ cares. Thank you IQ&EQ.

— Dhaniyah's mom (2016 N level students)