Problems faced by students

Students usually come to my class feeling lost and having no idea of what physics is about and also with no clear direction of how to tackle problems and master the concepts. Therefore, they tend to choose the easy way out which is to memorize the content of the syllabus blindly.

The main issue for this problem is that some schools are teaching Physics like Maths (as if it is all about learning the methods of solving the problems) or Humanities and other sciences like Chem and Bio(memorizing and apply). But the truth is Physics is slightly much more complicated than that.

It is not just about solving the questions by applying the methods from examples but rather understanding the concepts and able to apply when answering questions. Memorizing will not help much as each and every questions in Physics syllabus vary vastly from examples and questions in text books.

Everything is about understanding and applying the concepts for both problem solving and explanation questions.